CVBC Committees

The CVBC has several Committees, each made up of hardworking volunteer members who form an integral part of the operations of the College. If you are interested in being assigned to a CVBC Committee, please fill out this Committee Application Form and submit it, along with all requested supporting documents to the office.

Continuing Competence Committee

Role: To design, administer, and enforce the Continuing Competence Program and to develop and implement a process for assessing registrant competence.

Members: Dr. Sergije Prostran (Chair), Dr. Emma Turner, Dr. Jason McGillivray, Dr. Lisa Yee and Dr. Nick Kleider.

Investigation Committee

Role: To accept, investigate, and resolve or otherwise dispose of complaints.

Members: Dr. Cathy Wilkie (Chair), Dr. Avtar Ubi, Dr. Brendan Matthews, Dr. Clare Tompkins, Dr. Farshad Maloufi, Dr. Geoff Gaunt, Dr. Joan Stogryn (public member) and Dr. Ruth Kennedy.

Discipline Committee

Role: To consider citations authorized by the Investigation Committee.

Members: Dr. Suann Hosie (Chair), Dr. Al Runnells, Dr. Alan Hoey, Dr. Carsten Bandt, Dr. Dalwinder Toor, Dr. Ian WelchDr. Parmjit Dhillon, Dr. Paul Kennedy, Ms. Maureen Baird (public member), Mr. Herman Van Ommen (public member) and Mr. Keith Bracken (public member).

Registration Committee

Role: To consider applications for registration referred by the Registrar and to oversee the Bylaw and Ethics Exam process.

Members: Dr. Carsten Bandt (Chair), Dr. Brendan Matthews, Dr. Christine Smetschka, Dr. Denise Phipps, Ms. Jean Whittow (public member), Dr. Ricardo Bonafine and Dr. Trevor Reeves.

Practice Facility Accreditation Committee

Role: To review Practice Facility Inspection Reports and authorize accreditation and re-accreditation of facilities as well as provide direction as to other matters that may come up related to the regulation of practice facilities.

Members: Dr. Trevor Reeves (Chair), Dr. Amit Ranjan, Dr. Ian Welch, Dr. Joanne Weetman, Ms. Kim Holbrow (public member), Dr. Kuldeip Sekhon and Dr. Parmjit Dhillon.