Veterinary Care, Bills & Records (2017-08-05) 
   Frequently Asked Questions, incl Prescription info
 Vaccinating your own pet (2017-08-05) 
   Information for the lay person about vaccinations
 Unregulated Internet Pharmacies (2017-08-05) 
   The risk of un-regulated Internet Pharmacies
 Unauthorized Practice of Veterinary Medicine (2017-08-05) 
   The unauthorized practice of veterinary medicine poses a risk to the public and its animals.
 HRT Decision (2017-08-05) 
   The Human Rights Tribunal Decision was released on October 8, 2015.
 Dental Care for Pets (2017-08-05) 
   Things you should know - By Loic Legendre, DVM, Diplomate (Specialist) in Animal Dentistry
 CVBC Euthanasia Guidelines (2017-08-05) 
 Consumer Alert on Selecting a Puppy (Designer Dogs) (2017-08-05) 
   Letter to the Vancouver Sun from the CVBC.
 B.C. Government To Adopt Regulation To Protect Dogs & Cats (2017-08-05) 
   Clear direction to breeders, and sets clear expectations for breeders to respect the practices considered acceptable by government.
 Your Veterinarian's Role in Your Pet's Dental Care (2017-01-12) 
   Oral health is important to your pet’s overall health and comfort.

Poison Information

 Acetaminophen Danger to Pets (2017-08-05) 
   How dangerous is Acetaminophen?
 Animal Poison Control Centre (ASPCA) (2017-08-05) 
   Information to help in keeping your pets safe. Top 10 Pet Poisons of 2008
 BC SPCA 10 Holiday Seasonal Tips (2017-08-05) 
   Safety tips for pets in your home
 Halloween Danger Precautions for your Pet (2017-08-05) 
   Halloween is a frightening time for pets.
   Helpful tips to ensure pet safety over the holiday season.
 Secondary Poisoning from Euthanasia Drug (2017-08-05) 
   Information on sodium pentobarbital
 Xylitol can be poisonous (2017-08-05) 
   Xylitol, used as an artificial sweetener in things like chewing gum, can be poisonous to pets.

Pet Care at Home

 Dog Bites - Protecting Children (2017-08-05) 
   Dogs can be friendly, and dogs can bite!
 Pets and Cold Weather (2017-08-05) 
   Top Ten Tips for Pets and Cold Weather
 Pets and Summer (2017-08-05) 
   Keep your pets safe and happy when summer arrives.
 RAW MEAT DIETS - Prevention of Risk (2017-08-05) 
   Careful food preparation prevents risk to humans & animals
 Shelter Pup-lishing basic obedience book (2017-08-05) 
   A helpful resource for dog owners

Animal Disease Information

 Avian Influenza (2017-08-05) 
   Helpful information links
 Diseases You Can Get From Wildlife in British Columbia (2017-08-05) 
   Pamplet available from the BC Centre for Disease Control
 Heartworm Infection (2017-08-05) 
   A website for info on Cdn prevalence
 Methicillin-resistant Staph.aureus (2017-08-05) 
   Avoiding risk of transmission of MRSA to humans
 Monkeypox (2017-08-05) 
   U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Protection
 Swine Flu - BC Centre for Disease Control (2017-08-05) 
   Swine Flu (severe respiratory illness - SRI) information
 Ticks and Lyme Disease of Pets (2017-08-05) 
   General Information
 West Nile Virus in Domestic Animals (2017-08-05) 
 Rabies and Veterinarians (2017-09-13) 
   Frequently Asked Questions on rabies and vaccinations