Under the new Veterinarians Act SBC 2010 c. 15, the Transitional Bylaw changes the registration or licensing year to the calendar year.

The attached sets out the Annual Registrant Dues required for each registrant category, for the CVBC registration year of Jan. 1, 2017- Dec. 31, 2017.

This is subject to change by the College, by bylaw amendment.  Under the new Veterinarians Act, the issue as with most other bylaw matters would be voted on by post or electronic means after required notice to the registrants of the College. 

The annual registrant dues must be paid before registration will be granted, and thereafter annually in order to stay in good standing.

NOTE: Applicants applying to practice: The annual registration dues are prorated for new applicants to the quarter year.

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Appendix C - Annual Dues 2017.pdf