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Guidelines for the prescription of medical marijuana and cannabidiol in BC have been published and can be found here

Deputy Registrar Resignation
Dr. John Brocklebank advised the Registrar and President on November 1st that he is resigning as Deputy Registrar effective December 31st, 2017. John has been with the College since September 2004, which means he has seen the organization through many changes. Recently feeling matters have stabilized, John has decided it is time to pursue new and resurrected interests. John has expressed to Council and to the Registrar his gratitude for the privilege to have served the College. John extends similar gratitude to all registrants as well as to the public, and also to current (and former) staff, inspectors, and committee members who have assisted him over the years. The wealth of his experience and institutional knowledge will be greatly missed. The CVBC thanks him for his years of dedicated service and we wish him all the best in the future.

The CVBC Position Statement on a veterinarians duty to report animal abuse or neglect has been published and can be found here

Resolution Of The HRT And Litigation Matters

The CVBC Council wishes to announce that the College will not  pursue judicial review of the October 2015 decision of the Human Rights Tribunal in Brar et al v. the College et al (the “HRT Decision”).  The College is addressing the various remedial orders made in the HRT Decision. Dr. Bhullar and Dr. Bajwa have withdrawn two further complaints filed with the Human Rights Tribunal. Other litigation between the College and Dr. Bhullar and some former employees of the College has also been resolved. These results were achieved after careful consideration and confidential mediation (a form of alternative dispute resolution premised on non-disclosure).  The College is very pleased to have achieved resolution. There will be no levies or fee increases related to the resolution in the upcoming CVBC budget.

CVBC President Brendan Matthews and Registrar/CEO Luisa Hlus say: “Council has acted in the best interests of the CVBC now and into the future.  We hope everyone will consider the immeasurable value of achieving what could not be accomplished through further public, difficult, costly and adversarial proceedings. Please join the CVBC in its commitment to move forward in a constructive and professional manner.”  

The following apology relating to the findings in the HRT Decision is posted on the CVBC website:

In the spirit of moving forward and acknowledging the findings of discrimination made by the Human Rights Tribunal in Brar and others v. BC Veterinary Medical Association and others, the College accepts the findings of discrimination against Indo-Canadian veterinarians and apologizes to all of the complainants for the loss of dignity, pain and suffering caused by the College’s conduct, including Dr. Hakam Bhullar and his family who suffered professional and personal distress by the College’s removal of his license in December 2009.  The College acknowledges its past mistakes in the standards, inspection and discipline arenas.  The College is now working to improve its processes and foster positive, constructive and forward-looking relationships with the complainants and all registrants.

Inquiries may be directed to the Registrar's office or to the CVBC Council President.