Have you lost or found a pet?

Please feel free to request placing a bulletin on this page at no charge. You can do so by using this link or emailing reception@cvbc.ca directly.

Please remember to be thorough with your information. Addresses, cities, description of pet and tattoo numbers. If you have a JPG picture, please attach it to the email sent using the link above.

Once you find your pet remember to take him or her to their veterinarian to make sure they are okay. Bulletins will be displayed for 2 months but if you find your pet, please inform us immediately so we can remove your posting.
Thank you.

Additionally, please try the BC SPCA online search for lost and found pets www.bcpetsearch.com

Lost Pets


Status: Lost  Species: Dog Pet's Name: Rocky. Breed: Blue Nose Pitt Bull,  Colour: Steel Gray , Age: 5 months Sex: male
Tattoo/Microchip: no, Area/City Last Seen: Silver Creek just outside of Salmon Arm When Last Seen: May 17 Notes: Contact Name: Gwen Latimer Email: debbielatimer2@hotmail.com   Home Phone: 250-804-0763 Work Phone: 250-804-2943 Cell Phone: Reward Offered: yes


From Camp Rd area, Lake Country , BC
Lynx is a 7 yr old male, neutered, with tattoo. Maine Coone cross, brown tabby, longer hair but has a lion shave.
He's very shy, we think he's probably wandered too far from home, so even if u just see him please call, he most likely won't approach anyone.


250-864-2969 or 778-214-8878


Our Beloved Female Black Lab/ Shepard “Skully” or “Skiffy”    June 19,2016   went missing Mission, Stave Falls, Dewdney Trunk Rd Micro chipped, # 0A0128556A  SG- tattoed in Ear. Has Green John Deere Collar on. Skully has Chronic Ear infections, allergic to food, so I would imagine someone would have to have a vet look at it. Our Names: Carole and Colin Georgeson   604 341-0024


My cat Zulu has been missing since approximately 8:30 pm Sunday June 19, 2016. Zulu is a rosette Bengal last seen on Fort Fraser Rise in Citadel Height, Port Coquitlam. He wears a black collar with gray reflective tape on it, with an engraved plate with his name and phone numbers. Zulu is micro chipped. He is friendly and vocal. Very smart - there is no chance he is lost. He may have climbed into a vehicle and fallen alseep or been locked in a building. I have contacted my vet (Shaughnessy Vet hospital, Countryside Kennels and have posted on FB... Please contact - adair.shelley@gmail.com or call 604-469-1039


Status: lost   Species: cat Pet's Name: Lincoln Breed: Domestic shorthaired Colour: White with brown and black patches
Age: 1 yr and 5 months Sex: Male Tattoo/Microchip: Tattoo Area/City Last Seen: Mary Hill and Western Drive in Port Coquitlam, B.C. When Last Seen: July 20, 2016 Notes: He has a brown spot on one of his back feet on his toe
Contact Name: Kristi
Email: mikaylads9317@gmail.com
Home Phone: 604-700-4367
Reward Offered: yes      Reward Amount: $100.00


Status: Lost since July 30 Species: Cat Pet's Name: Tiger, Breed: DSH Colour: Orange Tabby Age: 10 Sex: Male (neutered)
Tattoo/Microchip: Yes Area/City Last Seen: West Vancouver, near Gleneagles Golf Course When Last Seen: Saturday night
Notes: Hides in bushes a lot, not aggressive Contact Name: James or Mary Hethey Email: outofthebluetm@hotmail.com
Home Phone: 604.913.8944 Work Phone: 604.868.2527 Cell Phone: 604.355.3515 Reward Offered: (yes/no) Yes


  Reward: $1,000.00 - Black Tuxedo male cat (white paws and white belly), deeply loved, has going missing from the Main and King Edward area. (25th Avenue) in East Vancouver on Wednesday evening September 21 2016. If found please call 778 928 9132.
Goes by the name Mister C. He is on the bigger side (16 lbs) and very friendly. He has a white collar with gold coloured dog bone tag that says: "Please do not feed (diabetic)" He is an adult 8-10 years, not neutered or spayed, has one ear tattoo of a paw print, and medium short hair length. He has not turned up as an injured or deceased animal so I am hoping who ever finds him can call me immediately as I am very worried. Please if you find him he is the type of kitty some people may want to keep but he has a home, and I miss him very much. Please contact: dbuscher@telus.net 

Status: lost
Species: Dog
Pet's Name: Fritz
Breed: Border Terrier
Colour: red grizzle
Age: 16 months
Sex: male - neutered
Microchip:   276098007103620
Area/City Last Seen: Grand Forks, BC
When Last Seen: 31. January 2007
Notes: Fritz has been sighted in the City of Grand Forks on the 1st and 3rd of January.
Contact Name: Brigitta Waller and Bob Braithwaite
Email:brigittawaller@hotmail.com or bmkw77749@gmail.com
Home Phone: 250-442-8482
Work Phone: 403-994-2424
Cell Phone: 604-845-2947
Reward Offered: yes
Reward Amount $1000