Halloween is a frightening time for pets.

We all know that Halloween is a favourite time of year for kids (of all ages), but the BC Veterinary Medical Association asks you to remember that it is a frightening and dangerous time for animals.

Firecrackers, which are illegal in all areas of the province, are the most serious threat to animals. The loud bangs and screeches terrify both pets and farm animals. In their panic to flee from the source of their fright, they can run blindly into traffic, or in the case of farm animals, into barbed wire fences and machinery. The consequences can be fatal for the animals and heartbreaking for the families involved.

Your veterinarian suggests the following easy Pet Safety Check:

  • Always have your pet identified with a tattoo or microchip
  • Keep your dog on a leash when walking
  • Be sure your backyard is pet-safe and secure

In the week before Halloween:

  • Don't allow cats out after dark
  • Don't leave your dog unattended in the backyard
  • Work with your neighbours to stop the use of illegal firecrackers

On Halloween Night, October 31:

  • Be sure your pets are inside your home.
  • Be sure your pets cannot escape through the front door when it is opened for "trick or treaters".
  • Don't set off legal fireworks in close proximity to areas in which pets or domestic animals are housed.
  • Never give candy to your pets. Chocolate is particularly dangerous: Theobromine, a substance naturally occurring in chocolate, can cause vomiting, heart disturbances and even death if eaten in sufficient qualities by pets.

Have a "Pet Safe" Halloween!