Change of Registration Class

Change of registration class is governed by the bylaws, Part 2 – Registration, s. 2.22 to s. 2.26.

Most change of registration class applications are approved by the Registrar.  If certain criteria are not met, the change will require the approval of the registration committee.

A registrant who wishes to change their registration class, cancel their registration through resignation, or to reinstate to their previous class of active or inactive class of registration must provide the registrar with the appropriate change of registration form and pay the applicable change in registration class fee as prescribed in the bylaws, Part 2 – Registration and the applicable Annual Renewal Fee as prescribed in the bylaws, Part 1 – Governance, Schedule “C” pro-rated to the quarter calendar year.

The active practice classes of registration are Private Practice (PP), Specialty Private Practice (SPP), Public Sector (PS), Temporary for an external licensed veterinarian (TEMP) and Life (LIFE). At the time of registration, an active class of registrant may be granted full, provisional or limited registration.

The inactive classes of registration are non-practicing (NP), Retired (RET), Life (LIFE) and Suspended (SUSP). A registrant in an inactive class of registration may not be granted provisional or limited registration.

If a registrant wishes to change to another active practice class, the CVBC requires submission of the appropriate change in class of registration form as well as documentation that you meet the requirements of the active class that you wish to be registered in.

The registration year extends from January 1st to December 31st.

Reinstatement of Registration Class

A registrant who wishes to return to an active class of registration after being in the non-practicing or retired class of registration, must provide the CVBC with the appropriate change in class of registration form (Application Form and CE Declaration & Bylaw Review Commitment Form) including the required supporting documentation and information. Additional requirements may include:

  • Bylaw Seminar: A registrant may be required to attend the CVBC Bylaw Seminar before their change of status application is approved.
  • Active clinical experience is defined to mean at least 1 full year in total over the past 5 yrs. If you do not meet that threshold, the registrar may not grant administrative approval and you will have to satisfy the registration committee that your clinical skills and knowledge meet current standards.

Administrative Fees for Registration Class Change

Anytime a registrant changes their active registration class or changes to the non-practicing class of registration, a change in registration class fee of $262.50 ($250 + GST) is charged. This fee is waived during the last quarter of the licensing year, which corresponds with the Annual Renewal period, or when an inactive registrant returns to a class of active registration within 3 years.

Cancellation by resignation: You will be issued a refund of your annual registration fees prorated to the quarter of the registration year in which you resign. For example, if you resign in the 2nd quarter of the year (i.e., April 1 to June 30), you will receive a refund for 1/2 year's dues.

Change of registration class: You will be issued a refund as indicated above, minus the applicable registration fee, prorated to the quarter, for your new registration class.

Change of Registrant’s Surname

On successful registration with the College of Veterinarians of British Columbia (CVBC), the registrant’s full name will be recorded in the CVBC register (s. 39, Veterinarian’s Act) and the online registry (s. 41, Veterinarian’s Act). Thereafter, the registrant will be known in the CVBC records by their registered surname. Following registration, the CVBC will provide notification of the registrant’s name to other Canadian veterinary regulatory bodies, BC Pharmanet, veterinary distributors, Veterinary Drugs Directorate of Health Canada, etc.

If a registrant wishes to change their surname in the CVBC register and the online registry, the CVBC bylaws, Part 2 – Registration, s. 2.43 (1), Change of address and contact information’ states: Upon request and the provision of proof of Canadian federal or provincial government-issued identification, the registrar may change the registrant’s name on the College’s register.

Suitable proof would be government-issued photographic identification, such as a BC Driver’s License and Service Card, Canadian Passport that bears the new surname.

In lieu of original documents, registrants may submit notarized copies of the originals.